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Children and Worship Music. These songs available for download in MP3 and RealMedia.

Selections may vary from from time to time, so check back to see what is new.
I occasionally remaster songs as time allows since I work from my own studio, I upload them accordingly. None of the work here is perfect, but all are works in progress so to speak.

I pray these songs may edify you.

My most recent CD is available for singers and muscicians who are looking for music to use.
The accompaniment music is good performance quality.

Specific: Children's Songs
Your Word O Lord (Berean Explorer Theme Song)
I Want to be Your Friend (Jon & David Unit - Frienship)
Go Go Go (Missionary Unit - Gospel)
Faith Faith Faith (Abraham Unit - Faith)
Faithful Servant (Joseph Unit - Servant)


Lord Be Pleased
Adonai Jehovah
I Can Do All Things
You My Lord are All I Want to See
You See Me
When I Rise
By The Power
Earthen Jar
Mercy & Truth
Go, Go, Go
Specific: Worship & Praise Songs
You My Lord Are All I Want To See Worship
Cleanse Me Worship
The King is Born Christmas
Would it Still Be Christmas Christmas
When I Rise Worship
Adonai Jehovah Contemporary
By the Power Worship
Earthen Jar Worship
All Worship
Mercy & Truth Contemporary
Lord Be Pleased Worship


I am the first to admit I do not have the performance or singing skills that my heart desires. I am really not a performer and I am able to live with that.

However, each of us has their gift so I have worshiped the Lord from my heart for over 30 years in prayerful construction of lyrics, melody & music arrangements (in places where I was needed) in the hopes that others might be able to use their gifted voices to glorify God with what I write. It's all in the delivery, and though I am told my voice may be heartfelt, I am the first to admit I am not the most talented.

I appreciate constructive comments and critiques of each song since I know I have much to learn, and I am quite open to helpful, constuctive advice. I know each of us always have areas in which to improve.

I would love to collaborate musical ideas with another in my area (MODEST STUDIO AREA EQUIP TO USE IN EXCHANGE) - it has been years since I have had the opportunity to bounce ideas off another musician. Much is gained from collaboration.

Poetry and songs for special occasions is something I have enjoyed writing - email me to see if I might be able to accomodate what you need.

It would be so delightful to colaborate with someone again. I truly miss that. It has been years since I have done so.

" Noteworthy": Contact me for accompaniment arrangements. I do not ask for a recording fee unless you will sell CD's. You must include my copyright information on any copies or overheads you may make. These songs will soon be listed with CCLI. Please notify me of any recordings for permission. You are not allowed to re-arrange the music or words, or re-write the words in any verse, in any form. Use the following format. Song Title © Author Wannetta Godfrey © year, CD title, Spring, TX.